• As an external verifier, the AZTI Foundation has analyzed the good practice verification report’s initial data and the results are positive. PEVASA continues to use non entangling FADs and all sensitive species were released with high level of compliance according to scientific community advices. All information was reported by on board 100% observer coverage.
    • Pevasa’s crew participated in the workshops organized by ISSF in Vigo (July) and Azti Sukarrieta (October) on minimizing bycatch and responsible fishing practices in tropical tuna fisheries. A total of 18 Atlantic and Indian Ocean crew members attended workshop.
    • PEVASA continues to use 100% non entangling FADs and biodegradable and reusable FADs.
Despliegue de FAD Biodegradable
  • At the beginning of 2016, PEVASA updated internal rules of sustainable fishing and was duly implemented in the fleet and crew members
  • Fleet of the Atlantic ocean have initiated a pre-assessment process for fisheries based on MSC standards and in the Indian Ocean are participating in FIP (Fisheries improvement project)
  • FAD FREE certification audit was carried out by external recognized body SGS
  • PEVASA members actively participated in the ICCAT working group for improving fishery management of FADs along with other meetings.