The PEVASA group operates with a fleet of 6 modern freezer tuna vessels measuring between 75 and 87 m in length and with capacities ranging from 1100 to 1400 t of skipjack. We fish in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.
Our regular bases are Port Victoria (Seychelles) in the Indian Ocean and Abidjan in the Atlantic.
All our boats meet the following requirements:

  • Fitted with permanent VMS
  • 100% observer coverage
  • We only fish with adequate licenses verified by the Spanish Ministry of Fisheries
  • ICCAT and IOTC registered vessels with IMO number
  • HACCP systems in place and with EU sanitary certificate
  • High quality of our fisheries
  • Dolphin Safe by Earth Island Institute
  • Vessels in the Proactive Vessel Register (PVR) of the International Sustainability Foundation (ISSF)