PEVASA was founded in November 1961 with the aim of building vessels for tuna fishing. Since then, PEVASA has been growing and expanding its fleet and activity in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

In November this year, we celebrated 60 years of life and we continue to grow in number of tuna vessels and fishing possibilities.

PEVASA has acquired two recently built, well maintained and well equipped tuna freezer vessels. Both vessels, flagged in Seychelles, join the PEVASA group to increase our fleet in the Indian Ocean to 5.

The arrival of the Playa de Ris this November reinforces this move, which will allow us to maximise the available quotas and increase our resources.

Thus, by 2022, we will have a new 500 square metre warehouse and a cold store for the classification and increase of the sale value of our catches. Both facilities are right next to the quayside, which will allow us to improve unloading speed, agility and better assistance.

In addition, the two new vessels that we have incorporated, the “Morne Blanc” and the “Morn Seselwa”, offer us new deep-freezing capacities to increase the value of our catches. PEVASA is convinced that they will bring us a great know-how in freezing at very low temperatures.

Welcome Morne Blanc and Morn Seselwa to the family!