MADRID, ICCAT Headquarters 11th-12th May 2015.

PEVASA took an active part in the first Working Group meeting on FADs organized by ICCAT (the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas). During the meeting ideas and views were exchanged on the current operational practices of the various fleets and the current use of FADs. In a technical context the various different types of FAD used by the fleet were explained along with the importance of their correct management.

Alongside the delegation from PEVASA, members of ANABAC, OPAGAC, ORTHONGEL, ISSF, AZTI, IRD and DGMARE also attended as well as representatives from the Ghana fleet, the main coastal states of Mauritius, Gabon, Ivory Coast and Senegal and, of course, members of the ICCAT Secretariat.

The Working Group will be sending a series of recommendations to the SCRS on the use of FADs by the vessels operating within the ICCAT convention zone.